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the real estate

It doesn't experience the purchase and the sale of the real estate on the land and at the building many times during the lifetime.
Also, for a lot of persons, it becomes most expensive dealings in the lifetime.

When buying a car and a TV, it compares a performance and a price.
As for limiting to the real estate, there is a person who boils in the supplier entrusting and does, too.
There is a person who has bought not reviewing too much by seeing some real estates only and reviewing, too.
I saw some such example.
Will you buy a sales person in the car and the TV, being compliant?

The real estate is size with the amount of money and is not the ratio of the car and the TV.
Also, it is not the one to replace frequently.
To change after a bargain at the real estate is concluded, terrible labor and money are taken.
There is not what is too careful with being precontractual.

It gathered the know-how which must be known beforehand in the minimum.

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Libra (September 21 to October 20)

That there is to want to do a lot of doing, the small thing has become a feeling, and an old happening becomes a fardel in the heart and it is possible to advance readily forward and there may are not it.
So as not to have carelessly bumped such misted feelings against the person, let's be careful.
Leave off the sociability in the moderate place and at night, let's decide to do care in its heart.
We do to attempt to leave a reality by the liked book in the past and the music in the recommendation.

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