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When the fund plan is steady

When the fund plan is steady.

The big fund is necessary to buy a real estate.
When it isn't possible to buy only at the deposit, it is on the loan plan but don't forget that the loan is a kind of the debt.
Let's think of whether or not the return can do a plenty of leeway by having it.
Use's deliberate resemblance.

Costly in addition to the land price and the building charge to buy one house
As roughly standard, it wants to prepare about 15 - 20 % of the land price and the building charge beforehand.

It isn't full in the borrowable sum and to make a return possible sum is important to the loan sum.
It decides where in the bank and so on it borrows housing loan from.
Because the conditionality and the return condition are different respectively, it will should ask to each financial institution and so on.
The loan to be as hoped isn't sometimes borrowed, too.
Let's make always put a loan convenant in the bought and sold note.