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The knack of move's packing

The knack of move's packing

It has been sometimes troubled, being good if beginning at where when beginning move's packing, too.

The standard in the such case
・ The one which wasn't used for 2 years abandons.
・ It packs from the one to use for a different season.
・ It makes the weight of the box which put luggage equal as much as possible.

The thing has increased absolutely when living.
The move is the good opportunity to dispose unnecessary one.

Let's have disposed bravely to begin simple life.
The cleaning in the new home is easier in the one.

The work progresses when packing earlier from the unseasonable one not to use right now.

When thinking of the moving status, it is convenient when letting out from the box when dividing luggage beforehand every room to use.

Let's avoid filling only a book into one box and making heavy extremely.
In addition to load's becoming big for the worker, it has become a moving load when letting out from the box.

It is convenient because the contents can be confirmed when putting the remote control of the TV and then an attachment in a transparent box.

To make life in a few days before and after move smooth, it will should make beforehand the subsistence stores which goes to the traveling abroad for 1 week luggage.

The recommendation is to put a towel and soap, pajamas, underwear, socks, toilet articles and so on in the trunk in traveling feelings and to have carry.

The mountain of the cardboard box is conspicuous for the trunk among them.
Then, it is convenient because the opening and shutting, too, is free.

Move's packing is physical strength and a mettle game.
Let's exert while playing a tune of doing the favorite which is up tempo.