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The check point of the field survey

The check point of the field survey.

Because it doesn't regret after buying actually and being moved, in the real estate, it goes to the doing the preliminary reading and to be seeing vaguely only can not go.
Also, it should not buy a real estate at the impression only of the look.
Become cool and let's confirm the following check point piece by piece with its eyes.

The site and the building?
The landform, the ground
The boundary with the neighboring land
The structure of the building, the plan of the house at the room and so on

Is the traffic convenient?
The route, the required time of the commuting and the going to school and so on

The living environment?
The sunshine, the ventilation, the sound, the vibration, stench, the smoke and then the construction project in the neighboring land and so on

The daily life?
The shopping, the hospital and the public facilities and so on

The daily life?
The shopping, the hospital and the public facilities and so on

In case of the existing house, let's confirm the following item, too.

The architecture number of years of the building?
Are there not leak, a termite, a land subsidence and so on?
Doesn't it become a violation architecture with the enlarging and the reconstruction?

Is there not a possession matter of a stranger?
Is it possible to re- build?
How do the ancillary-facility ( the illuminator and the air-conditioning appliance and so on ) and the garden plant and garden rock and so on become?

Is it not the thing which had an accident?

The surrender time?
When the vendor is living and is looking for the new house in the others, it is connected with the time of the completion of the dealings.