Stage Right 本文へジャンプ
The field survey at the real estate.

The field survey at the real estate.

It demands an explanation until the real estate agent can consent therefore at the real estate of the purchase candidacy.
Then, let's ascertain an actual thing with its eyes and leg.
It confirms whether or not the explanation of the supplier agrees really, saying its investigation.

It goes using the means of transportation by it.
While confirming the nearest station and a bus stop, let's go to there with its leg.
As for riding the wheel which the supplier guides, it doesn't find transportation facilities.

There, the twice goes above the above.
The status around depends on the day of the week, the time and the weather.
It recommends to go to there the day when it rains and the day except the holiday, too.

It attempts to ask to the neighborhood and the local person.
To ask to the person who is familiar with the land such as the peace, the traffic in night, the reputation at the building, too, is wise.

It goes together with a lot of persons.
Because the advice of the family and the person who has an experience and so on, too, is useful, let's make go to there as much as possible with a lot of persons.